Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Red5 0.8.0 RC1 Released

Red5, the open source flash server announced the release of Red5 0.8.0 RC1. There are bulk of changes made in this version since Red5 0.7.0, which includes new features, bug fixes and other changes.

The installers are available for Windows and Debian. Installer for Mac OSX will be available soon.

The details of major changes and bug fixes as provided by Red5 team are given below-

New Features

  • Added socket policy file server to support new security model, starting in flash player 9.0.124

  • Added virtual hosting capabilities (Tomcat only)

  • Added W3C log appender for logback modeled after FMS log events and categories

  • Added the ability to unload a context using the ContextLoader

  • Added RTMPS support (Jira SN-69)

  • Set default J2EE servlet container / HTTP server to Tomcat

  • Added Flex based application installer for red5 web applications

  • Added War auto-deployer service

  • Added additional MP3 ID3 data to the onMetaData event

  • Added onImageData and MP3 cover art support

  • RTMPProtocolDecoder fixed to support RSO sendMessage (Jira CODECS-9)

  • Fixed Tomcat logging problem

  • Fixed memory leak in ServiceUtils

  • Fixed connection timeout (Jira SN-95 / APPSERVER-274)

  • Resolved exception with WarLoaderServlet (Jira APPSERVER-224)

  • Resolved log directory issue (Jira APPSERVER-246)

  • Resolved ServerStream issue with w3c logging (Jira APPSERVER-263)

  • Added patch to support ability to implement IBroadcastStream for custom streaming protocols (Jira SN-87)

  • Resolved OSX connection problem with players > version 9,0,115

  • Added patch for InvocationTargetException on missing files (Jira SN-99 and SN-97)

  • Fixed a small issue with stream ids > 100

  • Added patch for flv metadata handling

  • Added patch for RTMPT client

  • Added patch for start and stop scripts

  • Fixed logging in web applications

  • Root cause was not being sent on error in Flex message service (Jira APPSERVER-288)

  • Allow serializer to make use of other annotations like JPA (Jira APPSERVER-277)

  • Collections are not serialized appropriately (Jira APPSERVER-293)

  • Unable to read external AMF3 arrays in IExternalizable classes (Jira APPSERVER-283)

  • Deadlock issues with fix in Output.java (Jira APPSERVER-289)

  • Bug with scope stopping and multithreading (Jira APPSERVER-290)

  • SharedObjects modified flag doesn’t get set to false (Jira APPSERVER-291)

  • Split demos and flash sources into their own top level directories

  • Added application snapshot repository

More information about this release is available at http://osflash.org/red5/080rc1

Red5 team also updated the project roadmap. Red5 0.9 will have many exciting features such as -


Andrew "Art" Clarke said...

Red5 just released Red5 0.8.0 RC2:

Egidio said...

Hi Mr., I have a problem with red5, and I help, if you like.
I have 4 webcam, and I use Zone Minder to have their output: it works correctly, but I need to push the output into a flesh website .swf and so I installed Red5, but now I do not know what to do to go on: can you be my guide? please.
Thank you in advance.

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